Weak Splinter Force of Crusaders is Attacked at the Battle of Dorylaeum Hot

Battle of Dorylaeum: While traveling from Nicaea to Antioch, the Crusaders split their forces into two groups. They hope that this will ease their supply problems, especially since they no longer completely trust the Byzantines. Kilij Arslan, leader of the Seljuk Turks, seizes the opportunity to ambush the weaker group near Dorylaeum.

The Turks make a surprise attack in the morning, preventing the knights from being able to launch mounted counterattacks and blocking the foot-soldiers from forming defensive lines. Eventually some semblance of a defense is created, but it's weak and cannot hold long — especially given the large numbers of casualties being inflicted on the unarmored soldiers and noncombatants.

Reinforcements from the other group straggle in in small numbers, but after seven hours of vicious battle Bohemond I is saved by Raymond IV of Toulouse and his knights. This could have been a disaster for the Crusaders, but the victory frees them of both supply problems and from harassment by Turks for a while.

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