Al-Mansur Leads Muslim Forces Out of Cordova to Capture Christian Lands Hot

Al-Mansur Leads Muslim Forces Out of Cordova to Capture Christian Lands

Source: Wikipedia

Under the leadership of Al-Mansur (Abu Aamir Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abi Aamir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur), Muslim forces march out of the city of Cordova and head north to capture Christian lands.

Starting out as a law student, Al-Mansur became an estate manager; after much scheming, he then became Chancellor and undisputed ruler of Muslim Al-Andalus, taking the region to its height of power and influence in Europe.

Al-Mansur has launched numerous military conquests into the northern Christian lands over the years. While he has had some success, his biggest accomplishment is to unite all the northern Christian rulers against him.

This is one reason why Muslim Al-Andalus reaches its height under him: after him, the Christians on the Iberian peninsula fight back a lot more effectively.

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