Syrian John V Elected Pope Without Approval of Byzantine Emperor Hot

Syrian John V Elected Pope Without Approval of Byzantine Emperor

Pope John V

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John V becomes pope. A Syrian by birth, John V is the first pope consecrated in Rome without the prior approval of the Byzantine Emperor.

John V is also chosen by general acclamation by the people of Rome rather than by a select group of clergy, a practice that will be eliminated in later years.

Not much is known about Pope John V. Apparently he is unable to accomplish much in part because he suffers from a serious illness and this may contribute to the fact that he only reigns a year.

It is known that he represented a predecessor, Pope Agatho, at the Third Council of Constantinople where the Monophysite heresy was declared anathema as a heresy. This decision healed a growing rift between Rome and Constantinople and the resulting relationship was so cordial that of the 16 people who followed Agatho, only four will come from Rome.

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