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Death of Pope John III

Pope John III
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Pope John III dies. He began his reign 561 and was pope for a relatively long period of time; nevertheless, not much is known about him or his pontificate. He was only the second pope to change his name upon election (the first was John II) and seems to have been part of an important Roman family.

A primary concern for Pope John III would have been the invasion of Italy by the Lombards in 568. Most of northern Italy was overrun, ruining the ability of imperial institutions to effectively govern. The Lombards also repeatedly lay siege to Rome itself.

There is evidence that Pope John III was very pro-Eastern, and when he appealed for help from the East against the Lombards, the unpopularity of the Byzantines rubbed off on him. John eventually left Rome rather than be caught up in the political infighting between Romans and Easterners.

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