Election of Hormisdas as Pope, Father of Future Pope Silverius Hot

Election of Hormisdas as Pope, Father of Future Pope Silverius

Pope Hormisdas
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Hormisdas is elected pope. A married man, his son will become pope — Pope Silverius. Hormisdas will become known for his Libellus Hormisidae, a formula of faith sent to a synod at Constantinople which was attempting to resolve the Monophysite heresy. Pope Hormisdas' formula reaffirmed the teachings of the Council of Chalcedon (451) that Christ had both a Divine and a Human Nature, "hypostatically" united in one person.

This formula continued to be used for many years as a statement of orthodox doctrine and ended the Acacian Schism, an internal church dispute between East and West over the teachings known as Acacianism.

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