Death of Roman Emperor Theodosius II

Death of Roman Emperor Theodosius II

Emperor Theodosius II
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Timeline of History


Emperor Theodosius II dies as the result of a riding accident. His sister, Aelia Pulcheria, served as regent while he was underage and will now take over again. She become empress and marries General Marcian, making him the Roman emperor.

One of the most important events of the reign of Theodosius II is the creation of the Codex Theodosianus. In 429 Theodosius ordered scholars to collect all the laws that had been issued by the Roman government since Constantine the Great and use them to create a formal, systematic legal code.

A second commission will be needed to complete the task, and the final code is issued in the Eastern Roman Empire in 438, then in the west in 439.


Emperors of Rome: Honorius

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