Sixtus III Becomes Pope, Will Uphold Orthodox Christianity

Sixtus III Becomes Pope, Will Uphold Orthodox Christianity

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Sixtus III is made pope. Originally a patron of Pelagius, he has since left the Pelagian heresy behind and upholds a more orthodox form of Christianity. This probably encourages him to try to be more sympathetic to heretics generally — seeing them as honestly misguided rather than deliberately promoting error.

Pope Sixtus III will make great strides when it came to improving relations between the orthodox church and heretical sects like the Alexandrians, the Nestorians, and the Antiochenes.

In the political sphere, Pope Sixtus III will be heavily involved with repairing the damage done to Rome in the wake of the Visigoths who sacked the city in 410.

A large number of buildings still have to be repaired and rebuilt, even twenty years later. One of the most famous building projects which Pope Sixtus III starts is the Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Marjor). The mosaics in this church will depict the growing influence that the veneration Mary is having on Catholicism.

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