Roman Emperors Order Clergy be Ordained & Serve From Their Own Villages

Roman Emperors Order Clergy be Ordained & Serve From Their Own Villages

Emperor Honorius
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Emperors Arcadius and Honorius order that clergy must be ordained and serve from their own villages.

This new decree says:

"For churches which have been established on the landholdings of various proprietors, in the villages, or in any place whatsoever, clerics should not be ordained from any other landholding or village.

Instead, they should be ordained from the locality where it appears that the church is located, so that such clerics can assume the responsibility and burden of their own capitation tax.

Moreover, a set number of clerics should be ordained for the churches according in proportion to the size and population of each village and according to the judgment of the bishop." [CT 16.2.33]

This is a curious law to pass, unless it's becoming a problem that priests are serving far from home rather than the people they already know.


Emperors of Rome: Honorius

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