Roman Emperors Order New Priests be Chosen From Monks

Roman Emperors Order New Priests be Chosen From Monks

Emperor Honorius
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Emperors Arcadius and Honorius order that when bishops need new priests, they must choose candidates from the monks rather than from men with secular rank and honor who are needed in government service.

This new imperial order says:

"If the bishops are in need of clerics, they will best ordain them from those who are among the monks.

They must not incur disfavor by ordaining those who are bound by public and private accounts but shall have those already approved." [CT 16.2.32]

Drawing too many people from outside the church would eventually deplete the number of people available for government and military service. It would be better to use people who are already in the church and who aren't wealthy.


Emperors of Rome: Honorius

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