Roman Emperors Forbid Heretics Teaching Doctrines or Creating Priests

Roman Emperors Forbid Heretics Teaching Doctrines or Creating Priests

Emperor Theodosius I

Emperors Theodosius I, Arcadius, and Honorius forbid heretics from teaching their doctrines or from creating priests or other clergy.

"The madness of heretics must not be allowed to perpetrate their criminality nor to hold unlawful gatherings. They are not permitted to teach or promote their profane doctrines.

Their bishops are not allowed to teach a faith which they do not have or to create ministers who are not ministers." [CT 16.5.24]

One aspect of putting an end to heresy is to prevent heresy from being transmitted to future generations. Banning current heretic priests from making new priests can be an important part of that, thus ensuring that heresy dies with the current generation.


Emperors of Rome: Theodosius

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