Roman Emperors Ban Heretics from Assembling for Religious Purposes Hot

Roman Emperors Ban Heretics from Assembling for Religious Purposes

Emperor Theodosius I
Source: portableantiquities

Emperors Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius I forbid Arians, Macedonians, Pneumatomachi, Manichaeans, Apotactites, Saccophori, Encratites, and the Hydroparastatae from having a right to assemble for religious purposes.

The new regulation says:

"Everyone deceived by the false doctrines of diverse heresies, namely, the Eunomians, the Arians, the Macedonians, the Pneumatomachi, the Manichaeans, the Encratites, the Apotactites, the Saccophori, and the Hydroparastatae are not permitted to gather in any groups, to seek out converts, to make churches out of private homes, or to practice anything privately or publicly anything contrary to the Catholic sanctity.

If anyone transgresses what has been forbidden, he must be expelled by the agreement of all good men. The opportunity to expel him is granted to all who delight in the cult and the beauty of the correct observance of religion." [CT 16.5.11]

Many different heresies have developed in the Roman Empire, and Christian leaders haven't been able to entirely quash them. It's only with the assistance of the Roman government and the force of the laws that orthodoxy can be enforced to any degree.


Obelisk of Theodosius I

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