Roman Emperors Fine Bishop Chronopius for Appealing an Unappealable Case

Roman Emperors Fine Bishop Chronopius for Appealing an Unappealable Case

Emperor Gratian

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Emperors Valentinian I, Valens, and Gratian order that Bishop Chronopius, who had tried to appeal an unappealable case, be fined and the money given to the poor.

This decree states:

"Since Ex-Bishop Chronopius suspended by an appeal a decision from which he had no right to appeal, he must pay a fine in silver in an amount which a general sanction imposes for such act [50 pounds]. Instead of being confiscated for the government, this fine is to be expended on indigent persons.

That shall be the rule in this case and in all other ecclesiastical cases." [CTh 11.36.20]

There is a tremendous amount of favoritism towards Christianity and Christian institutions, but there are limits, and this is one of them.


Emperors of Rome: Gratian

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