Constantine Decrees Anyone Can Leave Property to Catholic Church Hot

Constantine Decrees Anyone Can Leave Property to Catholic Church

Constantine the Great
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Emperor Constantine the Great issues a decree that everyone in the Roman empire will have the right to leave property in their wills to the Catholic Church.

Constantine says:

"Everyone is permitted to leave at his death any property that he wishes to the most holy and venerable council of the Catholic Church. Wills will not be voided.

There is nothing more important to a person than their last will, after which they can no longer will anything, so this must be free and the power of choice, which cannot return, will be unhampered." [CTh 16.2.4]

In the past the Christian church has been persecuted and its property confiscated, so it's understandable that a special decree has to be issued to protect the ability of Christians to transfer property to any Christian institutions.


Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity

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