Constantine Makes Exception to Earlier Ban on Legal Actions on Sunday Hot

Constantine Makes Exception to Earlier Ban on Legal Actions on Sunday

Constantine the Great
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Constantine the Great creates an exception to an earlier law from March of this year which banned judiciary activities on Sunday. Now Constantine authorizes some legal work, specifically work related to freeing slaves.

Constantine says:

"It is unseemly that the Day of the Sun is occupied with legal altercations and noxious controversies, but it is pleasant that acts which are especially desired be dealt with on that day.

Everyone will have the right to emancipate on this day, so those legal formalities will not be forbidden." [CTh 2.8.1]

It's noteworthy that Emperor Constantine creates a number of laws favoring Christianity in the context of freeing slaves, but nowhere does Constantine specifically recommend freeing slaves, nor does he suggest that owning slaves is in anyway incompatible with Christianity.

It thus appears that freeing slaves is a recommended course of action but by no means a required one.


Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity

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