Election of Mitiades as Pope

Election of Mitiades as Pope

Pope Miltiades
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Miltiades is elected pope. It will be during his pontificate that Constantine defeats Maxentius at the Battle of Milvan Bridge, leading to the ascension of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

It is also during his pontificate that Emperors Constantine and Licinius publish the Edicts of Toleration, improving in the relationship between the Roman government and Christianity.

Emperor Constantine not only returns to Christians and the Chuch all of the land which had been confiscated under previous emperors during various persecutions, but he also donates to the Church the royal palace of Empress Fausta. This will become the Lateran Palace (because it sits on the Lateran Hill), the residence of all future popes (except during the years when the papacy is moved to Avignon, France).

Constantine also transforms the city of Byzantium into the official seat of power for the Roman Empire, creating long-lasting consequences for both secular Rome and the Catholic Church. For Rome, this will cause a long decline in power and prestige; for the Catholic Church, it will create a rival when in ecclesiastical power and influence, eventually leading to the schism between the Eastern and Western churches.

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