King of Persia Darius III is Assassinated by Bessus Hot

King of Persia Darius III is Assassinated by Bessus

Darius III
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Darius III, King of Persia, is assassinated by Bessus, a Persian satrap. Darius was leading his army in a retreat from the forces of Alexander the Great, and along the way his soldiers became extremely demoralized, leading to many desertions.

Bessus takes Darius III prisoner and assumes control of the army, but when Alexander's forces draw close Darius is killed — whether deliberately or by accident is not entirely clear. Alexander wanted to take Darius alive and mourns his death. He has Darius sent back to Persepolis for a royal burial and marries his daughter, assuming absolute rule over Persia.

Bessus gets away and takes the name Artaxerxes V, calling himself King of Asia. Within a year Alexander will capture him and torture him to death — he doesn't receive the same respect and treatment as Darius III did.


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