Hitler Reiterates 1940 Prophecy of Jewish Treachery Hot

Hitler Reiterates 1940 Prophecy of Jewish Treachery

Adolf Hitler
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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Speaking before at the Sportspalast in Berlin, Adolf Hitler reminds the delegates of his prophecy in 1939 that if Jews start another war then they would be annihilated.

Adolf Hitler says:

"I do not want to miss pointing out what I pointed out on 3rd of September [1940] in the German Reichstag, that if Jewry were to plunge the world into war, the role of Jewry would be finished in Europe.

They may laugh about it today, as they laughed before about my prophecies. The coming months and years will prove that I prophesied rightly in this case too. But we can see already how our racial peoples which are today still hostile to us will one day recognize the greater inner enemy, and that they too will then enter with us into a great common front.

The front of Aryan mankind against Jewish-International exploitation and destruction of nations."
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