Hitler Speaks of His Plans to Exterminate the Jewish Race

Hitler Speaks of His Plans to Exterminate the Jewish Race

Adolf Hitler
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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In a speech, Adolf Hitler makes his plans clear by stating that he would 'settle' the 'Jewish problem' once and for all.

Adolf Hitler explains:

"For hundreds of years Germany was good enough to receive these elements, although they possessed nothing except infectious political and physical diseases. What they possess today, they have by a very large extent gained at the cost of the less astute German nation by the most reprehensible manipulations. ...In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it.

During the time of my struggle for power it was in the first instance the Jewish race which only received my prophecies with laughter when I said that I would one day take over the leadership of the State, and with it that of the whole nation, and that I would then among many other things settle the Jewish problem. Their laughter was uproarious, but I think that for some time now they have been laughing on the other side of their face.

Today I will once more be a prophet: If international Jewry should succeed, in Europe or elsewhere, in precipitating nations into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of Europe and a victory for Judaism, but the extermination of the Jewish race."

In just two months, Adolf Hitler will order military preparations for an invasion of Poland.

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