Pope Pius IX Gets Huge Conditional Loan From Rothschild Family

Pope Pius IX Gets Huge Conditional Loan From Rothschild Family

Pope Pius IX
Source: Wikipedia

Pope Pius IX receives a huge loan from the Rothschild family on the condition that he free the Jews in the papal states from having to living in ghettos. Pius IX never keeps his hinted-at promise and it's likely that he never intended to.

On the contrary, he brings pressure to bear on the rulers of other lands where Jews attained civil equality during the 1848 revolutions to rescind those civil rights and restore Jews to their inferior status.

Equal civil rights for Jews has been vociferously opposed by most popes, including those who have otherwise eased various restrictions on Jews. This is because treating Jews as civil and political equals implies that Judaism is the equal of Catholic Christianity.

This, however, would contradict the traditional Christian doctrine that Christianity superseded Judaism and that therefore Judaism is no longer an entirely valid religion. It may have been valid at one time, but today Jews are obliged to convert to Christianity.

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