ACLU v. Black Horse: Court Rules Against Student-Led Graduation Prayers

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Argued: ACLU v. Black Horse Regional Board of Ed. — The Third Circuit Court will rule that a school cannot allow students to vote on whether or not they will have a student-lead prayer during graduation because the degree of state involvement in the ceremonies mean that any aspect of it is state-approved, including the prayer and prayer content.

The court's decision says, in part:

"An impermissible practice can not be transformed into a constitutionally acceptable one by putting a democratic process to an improper use. There should be no question that the electorate as a whole, whether by referendum or otherwise, could not order [governmental] action violative of the [Constitution], and the [government] may not avoid the strictures of [the Constitution] by deferring to the wishes or objections of some fraction of the body politic."

Read More: ACLU v. Black Horse Regional Board of Ed.

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