Wannsee Conference Held on the Final Solution

Wannsee Conference Held on the Final Solution

Wannsee Villa Where the Wannsee Conference Was Held
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Nazi leaders meet in the Wannsee suburb of Berlin to discuss the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question". The decision to commit genocide had effectively already been made.

The purpose of the Wannsee Conference is to inform officials in charge of various ministries and government organizations about decision and work out how to coordinate them all in order to achieve the "Final Solution" in the most efficient manner.

The overall plan is presented by Reinhard Heydrich though it is presumably endorsed by Adolf Hitler.

The original Wannsee Conference plan is to use Jews as slave labor in the East; those who don't die from exhaustion are to be killed after the major construction projects are complete.

Because of German losses on the battlefields, though, the construction projects cannot be launched so the Jews shipped to the East end up being killed right away.

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