Archbishop Gröber of Freiburg Praises Nazi Party Hot

Archbishop Gröber of Freiburg Praises Nazi Party

Archbishop Conrad Gr ber of Freiburg
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Archbishop Conrad Gröber of Freiburg gives a special thanks for all the blessings which God had bestowed on Germany over the course of 1935.

Archbishop Gröber says:

"The strength of the German people has blossomed forth manifold and unemployment has decreased to a surprising degree.

Newly rearmed, the Reich again now takes its place in the family of nations and in place of the dishonor that since the Versailles treaty has besmirched the German name the world is face by a united, upward-striving and power-conscious state."

Notice how Archbishop Conrad Gröber hits major political themes that are constantly emphasized by the Nazis and used as basis for encouraging support for the Nazi agenda: Germany was dishonored by the Treat of Versailles, Germany needs to have a powerful military, etc.

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