First Reichstag Elections Since Germany's Surrender

First Reichstag Elections Since Germany's Surrender

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Elections are held in Germany for the Reichstag, the first since Germany's surrender in World War I and the first for the newly established Weimar Republic. No party wins an absolute majority, not even the socialist parties, but enough liberal parties together create a majority that can write a new constitution.

These elections will become an object of derision for the nationalist-right, many of whom refer to this as the "Jewish elections" (Judenwahlen). Although they don't receive an absolute majority, the Social Democrats do have the largest representation in the Reichstag while all the traditional anti-Semitic parties have been swept away.

Resentment against the surrender and this new parliamentary democracy will lead to the creation of over 20 new far-right and ultranationalist political parties in the coming years.

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