Birth of Hermann Goering

Birth of Hermann Goering

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Hermann Goering (Göring in German) is born in Rosenheim, Bavaria (d. 15 October 1946). A World War I fighter ace with 22 confirmed kills, Goering will be one of many war veterans who take the German surrender and destruction of the monarchy personally.

He will write about the treachery of politicians who "goaded the people [to uprising] [and] who [had] stabbed our glorious Army in the back [thinking] of nothing but of attaining power and of enriching themselves at the expense of the people."

This will become a popular view and one which does much to animate far-right militant parties, including the Nazi Party where Hermann Goering quickly becomes a favorite of Adolf Hitler and a leading member.

Hermann Goering's complicity in the Holocaust will be a matter of some debate. He favors the expansion of German power over Eastern Europe, but prefers diplomacy rather than war.

He supports Hitler's plans once the war starts, but is apparently convinced that those plans are doomed to defeat. He will be anti-Semitic, but not nearly as anti-Semitic as other Nazi leaders like Himmler and Goebbels. He signs orders for the development of a "Total Solution to the Jewish question," but he also personally intervenes to protect and save individual Jews.

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