Lars Hedegaard is Put on Trial in Denmark on Charges of Breaking Anti-Racism Laws

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Lars Hedegaard, former chairman and founder of the Danish Free Press Society, goes to trial for violating Danish anti-racism laws. In 2007 Hedegaard gave an interview where he said that Muslims "rape their own children. It is heard of all the time. Girls in Muslim families are raped by their uncles, their cousins or their fathers."

Lars Hedegaard was also quoted as saying:

"Whenever it is prudent for a Muslim to hide his true intentions by lying or making a false oath in his own or in Islam 's service, then it is ok to do it."

Some people defend Hedegard's comments as justified but poorly expressed; other Danes are very critical and say that he should step down from his position with the Danish Free Press Society.

An official police complain has been filed by Yilmaz Evcil, vice-chairman in the Integration Council in Aarhus Municipality, and that has led to the trial starting today.

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