George Rhodes Jr Gets Hearing Over Being Fired for Teaching Religion in Public School Science Classes

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In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, George Rhodes Jr. receies a hearing at the state's Department of Education over his firing by the Laurel Highlands School Board when he wouldn't stop using his science classes to promote his personal religious beliefs.

Rhodes tells reporters that he was justified in trying to bring "balance" to school lessons:

"You have to do something or be accountable perhaps on the day of judgment for a sin of omission.

Atheism has taken precedence over theism, period. There is no room for God in the classroom or for personal expression."

Oliver Hormell is Rhodes' attorney and he argues that Rhodes was only fired because of "a few disgruntled students who may have been discipline problems." He also argues:

"A teacher is not doing his job unless he is teaching stduents to think. He is not teaching them to think unless he is teaching them to use all of their background, including religious experiences."
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