Hitler Tells Germany that God is Pleased with Events in Europe

Hitler Tells Germany that God is Pleased with Events in Europe

Adolf Hitler in Paris, 1940

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Adolf Hitler gives a speech in the Sportpalast in Berlin in which he thinks that God is pleased at the way things are turning out right now in Europe.

According to Hitler:

"In the past year, I have tried to rob England of the means to allow the conflict it envisioned to escalate into a general world war. The pious Mr. Chamberlain who studies, reads, and preaches the bible, labored for months to arrive at an understanding with the atheist Stalin. He attempted to conclude a pact with him. In this he failed at the time.

I understand that England is raging now that I have done what Mr. Chamberlain in vain sought to do. And I also comprehend that what was pleasing to the Lord in Mr. Chamberlain's case should be far less pleasing to the Lord in my case.

But, nevertheless, I do believe the Lord Almighty to be well pleased that a senseless war on so vast a terrain was prevented."
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