Hitler Proclaims that Germany's Victories are Due to God's Blessings Hot

Hitler Proclaims that Germany's Victories are Due to God's Blessings

Adolf Hitler, 1940

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Adolf Hitler says in a New Year's proclamation that Germany's recent military victories are due to the blessings of God and that Germans should pray to God that he will continue to bless them.

According to Hitler:

"German Volksgenossen! In this past year, thanks to the workings of Providence, the Reich of the German Volk was able to accomplish such miraculous and outstanding achievements of historical proportions!

At the beginning of this year 1940, let us implore the Lord God to continue to bestow upon us His blessings in this struggle for freedom, independence, and hence for the life and the future of our Volk!

With this realization in mind, let us ourselves not tarry in our enterprise; let us not lack the courage to fulfill the task lying before us in this year.

By helping ourselves, relying on our own resources, let us implore the Lord Almighty not to deny the German Volk His intervention in the year 1940. For then we must and we will succeed!"
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