Methodists Denounce Vatican as Pro-Franco and Pro-Fascist

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The Methodist Federation for Social Service claims that recent pronouncements from the Vatican confirm that it is pro-Franco and pro-Fascist. According to the Federation's secretary, Dr. Harry F. Ward of Union Theological Seminary, the Vatican's anti-communist campaign is more political and religious.

The Federation says:

"The latest press statement from the Vatican on its anti-Red campaign does not mention atheism. It speaks of 'foreign policy.' On political issues the Vatican has taken its stand. It is with Franco , Hitler, Mussolini and Japan just as certainly as though it had signed the agreement or entered the understandings between those forces.

That these agreements mean a joint offensive against democracy and particularly 'people's front democracy,' because it leads to 'communism,' is triumphantly proclaimed in the Nazi press.

This political policy the progressive elements in Protestantism are opposing and will oppose. They stand together for the American policy of separation of church and State in their international as well as their national politics. They are hoping that the progressive forces in American Catholicism will, in their own way, also stand for this basic principle."
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