Hitler Says that God is Using the Nazi Party to Work Miracles

Hitler Says that God is Using the Nazi Party to Work Miracles

Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler says in a New Year's proclamation that God has used the Nazi Party as his instrument to work miracles and he hopes God's blessings on Germany will continue in the coming year.

According to Hitler:

"When I reflect on this year of the most bountiful harvest ever in our history, I feel tremendous gratitude first to Providence and second to my Party! The National Socialist Movement has wrought this miracle. The Good Lord provided for this, and the Party served as His instrument. ...

As regards world politics today, the Anti-Comintern Pact determines our political stance. Beyond this we have only one desire: May the coming year allow us to contribute to a general pacification of the world.

May the Lord's mercy accompany our German Volk on its fateful path. Long live the National Socialist Movement! Long live our German Volk and Reich!"
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