Emperors Impose Fines on Donatists if they Refuse to Rejoin Catholic Church

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Roman emperors Honorius an Theodosius II decree that both the clergy and the laity among the Donatists will be fined if they do not return to communion with the Catholic Church. Slaves and tenant farmers who have joined heretical groups must be flogged until they repent.

According to this new imperial decree:

"All Donatist priest, clerics, and laymen must return to the Catholic sect from which they have sacrilegiously withdrawn. As a punishment for their failure to do so, persons of Illustrious rank must pay a fine...

If these heretics are not delivered by the chief tenants under whom they live or by the procurators, to the enforcement officer on demand, the chief tenants and procurators shall themselves be held liable for punishment. People on Our estates will not be immune from this punishment. ...

Slaves must be recalled from depraved religion by the admonition of their masters and by frequent flogging. Otherwise the masters themselves, evenif they are Catholics, will be held liable to the aforesaid fines. ..." [CTh 16.5.52]
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