John Wesley Creates Formal Charter That Becomes Wesleyan Methodism

John Wesley Creates Formal Charter That Becomes Wesleyan Methodism

John Wesley
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At the age of 80, John Wesley creates a formal charter for the movement he started within Anglicanism. Eventually it will come to be known as Wesleyan Methodism.

John Wesley was never trying to create an entirely new denomination of Christianity. Instead, he was trying to create societies within the Anglican church. He did not, however, receive much support from the Anglican hierarchy and he was introducing a number of practices that were uniquely American, like outdoor preaching and new hymns, which separated his groups from the English leaders of the Anglican church in the colonies.

After most Anglican priests had fled in the wake of the American Revolution, John Wesley decides to start ordaining priests on his own authority in order to provide for some continuity and religious services. This creates a decisive break between the established Anglican church and the new American Methodist church.

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