Milwaukee Volksbund Meeting Ends in Riot Hot

Milwaukee Volksbund Meeting Ends in Riot

German American Bund parade in New York City on East 86th St. Oct. 30, 1939
Source: Library of Congress

Timeline of History


In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a meeting of the pro-Nazi German-American Volksbund ends in a riot.

The fighting appears to have developed out of an argument between Wilhelm Kunze, member of the national council of the Volksbund, and Professor William E. Roth of the University of Wisconsin and critic of the Volksbund.

Protesters at the meeting carry signs saying "Drive Hitler's Stooges Out of Milwaukee". There are supporters at the meeting, too, including John C. Schafer, a former Republican Congressman.

Schafer responds to the protesters by shouting at them "Go on back to Moscow!"

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