Birth of Pope Paul II, Nephew of Pope Eugenius IV

Birth of Pope Paul II, Nephew of Pope Eugenius IV

Pope Paul II
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Pope Paul II is born Pietro Barbo in Venice. Although he will benefit from the nepotism of his uncle, Pope Eugenius IV, Pope Paul II will promise to end the practice during his reign in addition to other reforms which to improve the morals and administration of the Vatican.

Pope Paul II will inherit several political problems from his predecessor, Pius II, particularly a war with the Turks which he will be obligated to continue. In 1470 the last Venetian outpost in Greece, Euboea, is overrun and Paul will try to call for a crusade, but nothing comes of it.

Like some other Renaissance popes, Paul II will be a great lover of shows and spectacles. He spends large sums of money collecting silk clothing and jewelry and has the Palazzo di Venezia built in Rome. He also decides that Jubilee Years should be held four times each century instead of the traditional two in order to satisfy his love of shows.

Because Pope Paul II represses scholars and the Roman academy, though, he becomes very unpopular with Renaissance humanits.

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