Birth Pro-French Pope Martin IV

Birth Pro-French Pope Martin IV

Pope Martin IV
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Martin IV is elected pope, primarily because of the support of Charles of Anjou and. As a result of that, Pope Martin IV will develop very strong pro-French papal polices as well as favor the French in various clerical appointments. The fact that Martin is himself French as well doesn't hurt.

Technically Martin is just the second pope with that name. In the official lists popes Marinus I and II are incorrectly listed as popes Martin II and III.

The people of Rome aren't happy at the prospect of the French taking over, forcing Martin to be consecrated Orvieto where he'll also have to spend most of his time as pope. When Sicily successfully revolts against French rule the rebels will ask for his support. Pope Martin IV not only refuses, but he provides Charles of Anjou every possible assistance. Martin is so completely dependent upon Charles for his own position that he really has no other choice.

He even goes so far as to excommunicate Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus, nullifying a union between the Eastern and Western churches which had been in place in the Second Council of Lyons since 1274.

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