Pat Robertson Sermonizes on Evils of Islam

Pat Robertson Sermonizes on Evils of Islam

Pat Robertson, 2006
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On his "700 Club" program, Pat Robertson rejects the idea that Islam could be a peaceful religion or that Muslims are interested in coexisting peacefully with non-Muslims.

According to Pat Robertson:

"I have taken issue with our esteemed president in regard to his stand in saying Islam is a peaceful religion. It's just not. And the Koran makes it very clear, if you see an infidel, you are to kill him. ... [Islam] is not a peaceful religion that wants to coexist. They want to coexist until they can control, dominate and then if need be destroy."

Pat Robertson doesn't mention the activities of Christians, including those in America, who seek to control, dominate, and if need be destroy.


Pat Robertson Attacks Islam

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