Good News Club v. Milford: Court Rules Against Religious Meeting in Schools

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Argued: Good News Club v. Milford Central School District - The Second District Court will rule that a school district in New York can prohibit a community religious group from meeting in the school building because they would use it for specifically religious purposes.

According to the court:

"The activities of the Club clearly and intentionally communicate Christian beliefs by teaching and by prayer, and we think it eminently reasonable that the Milford school would not want to communicate to students of other faiths that they were less welcome than students who adhere to the Club's teachings. This is especially so in view of the fact that those who attend the school are young and impressionable."

The Supreme Court will later reverse this decision, concluding that since secular community groups are allowed to use the school, it would be unconstitutional to discriminate against religious groups simply because they are religious.

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