Jones v. Clear Creek: Court Rules School Seniors Can Vote for Prayers at Graduation

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Argued: Jones v. Clear Creek - The Fifth Circuit Court will rule that it's not unconstitutional for a school to allow graduating seniors to vote on whether or not there will prayers during graduation ceremonies.

According to the court

"The Resolution has a secular purpose of solemnization, that the Resolution's primary effect is to impress upon graduation attendees the profound social significance of the occasion rather than advance or endorse religion, and that Clear Creek does not excessively entangle itself with religion by proscribing sectarianism and proselytization without prescribing any form of invocation."

This decision admits, however, that it contradicts what the Supreme Court has decided in Lee v. Weisman:

"...the practical result of this decision, viewed in light of Lee , is that a majority of students can do what the State acting on its own cannot do to incorporate prayer in public high school graduation ceremonies."
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