Texas Monthly v. Bullock: Court Rules Religious Publications Cannot Be Tax Exempt

Texas Monthly v. Bullock: Court Rules Religious Publications Cannot Be Tax Exempt

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Decided: Texas Monthly, Inc. v. Bullock - With Justice Brennan writing the majority opinion, the Supreme Court rules that exempting religious publications from the state sales tax violates the Establishment Clause.

According to the Supreme Court:

"It is difficult to view Texas' narrow exemption as anything but state sponsorship of religious belief, regardless of whether one adopts the perspective of beneficiaries or of uncompensated contributors. ...

While Texas is correct in pointing out that compliance with government regulations by religious organizations and the monitoring of their compliance by government agencies would itself enmesh the operations of church and state to some degree, we have found that such compliance would generally not impede the evangelical activities of religious groups and that the "routine and factual inquiries" commonly associated with the enforcement of tax laws bear no resemblance to the kind of government surveillance the Court has previously held to pose an intolerable risk of government entanglement with religion."
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