Death of Pope Benedict XIII

Death of Pope Benedict XIII

Pope Benedict XIII
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Pope Benedict XIII dies at the age of 81. A Dominican monk who continued to live as a friar even after his election, Pope Benedict XIII was the last pope to ever hold two diocese at the same time (Rome and Benevento).

One reason why this will never happen again may be that Benedict's associates from Benevento formed a tight-knit group around him, engaging in corrupt practices and generally ruining Benedict's reputation and papacy. One in particular, Niccolo Coscia, made a great deal of money in selling church offices and taking bribes. By all accounts, however, Benedict himself was personally beyond reproach, though also rather naive and tactless when it comes to political affairs. Pope Benedict XIII was more frugal than any of his predecessors; as a friar, he continued throughout his papacy to visit the sick and dying and minister to the poor.

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