Death of Pope Julius II

Death of Pope Julius II

Pope Julius II
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Pope Julius II dies at the age of 69. The nephew of Pope Sixtus IV, he had used his family connections to move around among a lot of different positions of power and authority within the Roman Catholic Church. He ends up holding eight bishoprics in total as well as papal legate to France.

Once elected pope, Julius was faced with dissent and conflict throughout the Italian states - but he was not interested in negotiating a diplomatic settlement. Instead, he simply launched a war against the troublemakers. Pope Julius II even put on full armor himself and personally led the papal armies against Venice.

Pope Julius II was a big patron of the arts, supporting the work of artists like Michaelangelo and Raphael. This combination of violence and art created a mixed legacy for Julius II. Even though he would be referred to as "Julius the Terrible," he also made significant contributions to art and architecture.


Raphael, Portrait of Pope Julius II, 1511

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