First U.S. Censorship Board Created Hot

First U.S. Censorship Board Created

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The state government of Georgia approves the creation of the first literature censorship board in the United States. Governor Harman Talmadge swears in the three men on the board which declares open season on "all filth on Georgia newsstands" and any "obscenity" that may be found.

Rev. James Wesberry, a Baptist minister and one of the three members of the censorship board, denies that there is any material difference between nudes painted by classic masters like Rembrandt and nude women in magazines or calendars:

"I don't differentiate between nude pictures; they are likely to appeal to the baser instincts."

The law creating Georgia's literature censorship board empowers them to suppress any photograph, picture, or printed material. Exceptions are created for newspapers and periodicals, government publications, and the Bible and other religious publications.

So a photograph of a nude painting by Renoir can be legally banned, but a painting of a nude Eve in the Garden of Eden in a Bible is exempt from any sort of evaluation.

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