Pope Paul III Calls for a Council to Deal With Reformation

Pope Paul III Calls for a Council to Deal With Reformation

Pope Paul III
Source: Wikipedia

Pope Paul III calls for a general council to deal with the Reformation. It has become clear to Paul that Holy Roman Emperor Charles V is committed to some sort of reform of the church as well as a plan to deal with the disunity being created by the Protestant reformers. In the end the council Pope Paul III calls will be the Council of Trent.

Meeting in Trento, Italy, from 1545 to 1563, the Council of Trent will be the 19th ecumenical council and will be considered by many as one of the most important councils in the history of Western Christianity. The Council of Trent issues a number of important decrees which, in effect, create the foundations of the modern (as opposed to medieval) Catholic Church.

For example, contrary to the Protestant doctrine that the Bible is the only source of revelation and religious authority, the Council of Trent will decree that Christian revelation can be found in both "written books" and in "unwritten traditions."

This will, nevertheless, be a reactionary council dominated by very conservative church leaders. They will create the Index of Prohibited Books in order to censor ideas they disapprove of and deepen the divide between Protestants and Catholics.

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