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Concordat of Vienna Signed by Pope Nicholas V

Pope Nicholas V
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Pope Nicholas V signs the Concordat of Vienna. This agreement with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III establishes an ecclesiastical code for Germany. Of particular importance, the Concordat of Vienna requires that the election of German bishops be free of Vatican interference - but the pope retains the right to confirm or not confirm a candidate as well as a right to appoint someone different if the elected bishop is unworthy.

Pope Nicholas V was the first of the Renaissance popes and has become known as a Humanist Pope because of the resources he devoted to scholarship and learning. He founded the Vatican Library and invested considerable sums for the translation of Greek literature.

Pope Nicholas V was more politically astute that many of his predecessors and he was able to make peace with a number of political rivals. One, Frederick III, was crowned emperor in St. Peter's in 1451, the last time such a coronation occurred there.

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