Theodor Herzl Publishes Zionist Text Der Judenstaat

Theodor Herzl Publishes Zionist Text Der Judenstaat

Theodor Herzl
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Theodor Herzl, an early leader of Zionism, publishes "Der Judenstaat" (The Jewish State). In it Herzl describes a plan for bringing the Jews of the world, scattered by the diaspora, back to their original home in Palestine where they could create a modern Jewish state.

Theodor Herzl expects this to be a gradual process and a slow reclamation of territory through immigration and growing families, not a sudden wave of immigration but rather.

As Herzl himself writes:

"We must not imagine the departure of the Jews to be a sudden one. It will be gradual, continuous, and will cover many decades. The poorest will go first and cultivate the soil.

They will construct roads, bridges, railways, and telegraph installations, regulate rivers, and provide themselves with homesteads, all according to predetermined plans. Their labor will create trade, trade will create markets, and markets will attract new settlers - for every man will go voluntarily, at his own expense and his own risk.

The labor invested in the soil will enhance its value, and the Jews will soon perceive that a new and permanent sphere of operation is opening here for that spirit of enterprise which has heretofore met only with hatred and obloquy."


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