Pope Alexander VII Born Fabio Chigi

Pope Alexander VII Born Fabio Chigi

Pope Alexander VII
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Pope Alexander VII is born Fabio Chigi in Sienna, Italy. The reign of Pope Alexander VII will be defined primarily by conflicts with France, most of which Pope Alexander VII loses. In one case, he will have to submit to the French king, Louis XIV.

Alexander VII will have more success in theological matters. He will declare, for example, that Jesuit missionaries in China are permitted use Chinese in Christian rites and Chinese priests don't have to pray the Divine Office in Latin. He will condemn Cornelius Jansen's teachings, partially at the behest of the French king. Pope Alexander VII will also become a great patron of the arts, funding for example Bernini's free-standing colonnade surrounding St. Peter's square in Rome.


Vatican: Tomb of Pope Alexander VII by Bernini

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