Russian Newspaper Publishes Religious Cartoon to Support Jyllands-Posten

Russian Newspaper Publishes Religious Cartoon to Support Jyllands-Posten

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Gorodskiye Vesti (City News), the official government newspaper in Volgograd, Russia, publishes a cartoon depicting Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, and Buddha. The four are watching a television with two groups violently attacking each other and Moses is saying "Well, we did not teach them that."

It's a respectful cartoon promoting religious peace and harmony, not a critical or satirical cartoon Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons which have sparked riots around the world. There aren't even any protests from Muslims in Russia. Editor Tatyana A. Kaminskaya explains:

"We had an absolutely different goal when publishing this: to show the unifying force of all religions, which are based on kindness. None of the religions teach evil or war. I am a believer myself. And our newspaper never intended to insult the feelings of any believer."

Nevertheless, Gorodskiye Vesti is shut down by Russian government authorities and its asses are liquidated. According to Russian president Vladimir V. Putin:

"One has to think a hundred times before publishing something, doing something or drawing something."

Konstantin E. Kalachyov, deputy mayor in Volgograd, says that the newspaper had to be closed to contain a scandal (though what scandal is never explain) and that

"You can say that the journalists were taught a lesson in political correctness."


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