Lodz Ghetto Created in Nazi-Occupied Poland Hot

Lodz Ghetto Created in Nazi-Occupied Poland

Ghetto Litzmannstadt (Lodz): Children rounded up for deportation to the Chelmno death camp
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The Lodz ghetto is created for Jews being gathered in territories conquered by the Nazis. Called the "Ghetto Litzmannstadt" in German, this will become the second-largest ghetto in German-occupied Poland (the Warsaw ghetto will be the largest).

The Nazis only intend for the Lodz ghetto to be a temporary housing solution, but soon the Jews living here are working for major industrial firms supplying much-needed war supplies. Because of this the Lodz ghetto will be the last ghetto liquidated. It's only in August, 1944 that the Nazis transport the last residents to the Auschwitz and Chelmno extermination camps.


Children of the Lodz ghetto - A Memorial Research Project

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