French Crusaders Meet Egyptians at Town of Al-Mansurah Hot

French Crusaders Meet Egyptians at Town of Al-Mansurah

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Battle of Al-Mansurah: Crusaders led by King Louis IX of France march along the Nile River from Damietta to Cairo where they meet Emir Fakr-ed-din at Ashmoun Canal (near the town of Al-Mansurah), leading an army of 70,000. This is where the Fifth Crusade had been defeated earlier.

There is a tense standoff lasting six weeks. Eventually, a local Coptic Christian reveals to the Crusaders a path for crossing the canal. The Egyptian army is completely routed, right in their own camp.

Defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory, however, when the French choose to pursue the fleeing Egyptians to Al-Mansurah. The French forces lack the necessary reinforcements and so they suffer heavy casualties. Robert of Artois (brother of Louis IX) and William of Salisbury (leading an English force) are both killed along with most of the Knights Templar who had followed them.

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