Bishop Hilfrich's Pastoral Letter: Christianity is German, Not Jewish Hot

Bishop Hilfrich's Pastoral Letter: Christianity is German, Not Jewish

Antonius Hilfrich, Bishop of Limburg, 1943
Source: Nachlass Prälat Georg Rompel

In a pastoral letter for Lent, Bishop Antonius Hilfrich of Limburg acknowledges that Jesus had been Jew, but that "the Christian religion has now grown out of the nature of this people, that is, is not influenced by their racial characteristics. Rather it has had to make its way against this people."

Hilfrich argues that the Jewish people had been under a curse since the crucifixion for their efforts to murder God. Christianity is not Jewish, but German: "Once accepted by our ancestors, it finds itself in the most intimate union with the Germanic spirit." Such racial thinking is more common in Evangelical-Lutheran churches than it is among the Catholic hierarchy, but there are nevertheless many in the Catholic hierarchy who have incorporated significant racial and anti-Semitic premises into their arguments.

Few go so far as to say that Jews remain Jews regardless of conversion, but more than a few are willing to say that there is a fundamental and even racial difference between Jews and the rest of humanity.

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